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Dana Point Skin Cancer Treatment

Finding out that you have “cancer,” no matter where in or on your body that it may occur, is sure to be an unsettling moment. At Advanced Dermatology, Inc., we are committed to the most effective, advanced, and safest methods available for treating skin cancer. And let’s be honest. There is only one word that you want to hear at the conclusion of treatment and that word is “cured.” While that may not be possible in every case, with Mohs micrographic surgery, our surgical dermatologist in Dana Point can give you the best chance for a cure if you have one or more tumors on your skin. It is typically used to address basal cell and squamous cell carcinomas, though it may also be utilized on other types of tumors.

How does it work? Performing the surgery on an out-patient basis, this method allows our surgical dermatologist in Dana Point to extract the entire tumor without having any negative impact on the healthy skin around it. Mohs micrographic surgery can be done even if other types of treatment have already been used on the tumor. Most commonly, it is done on larger tumors, ones that are on parts of your skin that are difficult to treat, tumors that have reoccured, and on areas of your body where maintaining your cosmetic appearance is of utmost importance, like around your eyes or nose, for example.

What sets Mohs micrographic surgery apart as such an excellent option is that in addition to leaving your healthy skin intact, it is designed to ensure that all of the skin cancer cells are removed as part of the procedure. Needless to say, this is a huge advantage in giving you the best odds of a full recovery. Our surgical dermatologist in Dana Point is well-trained and experienced in performing this surgery so you can go in with full confidence that you will achieve the best results possible.

We understand that skin cancer is a stressful and scary diagnosis. That’s why we treat both the cancer itself and also you, our valued patient. Our surgical dermatologist in Dana Point is pleased to explain all the important details about the process and to answer any questions that you might have.

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