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Sun spots treatment in Orange County

Skin specialist in Orange County
Skin specialist in Orange County

It probably comes as no surprise to learn that the sun can have a negative effect on your skin all year long, but now that the summer is in full gear, it’s even more vital to consider the damage that the sun can do including sun spots. Whether you’re a regular beach goer or you are simply outdoors quite a bit, you can develop difficulties that require the specialized care we provide here at Advanced Dermatology of San Clemente.

It doesn’t take very long out in the heat of the day to get a burn. You might think that you’re safe because you put on sunscreen, and while that is a crucial preventive step to take, depending on how light and sensitive your skin is, and how strong the sunscreen is, you may or may not have enough protection. Furthermore, there is a time limit for any application of sunscreen. The bottom line is that you always have to be aware, and our skin specialist in Orange County is here to help when you are suffering the results of sun damage. Sunspots are not necessarily a red flag when it comes to your health, but they do have repercussions. For one thing, they are cosmetically unappealing. If you have noticed spots that are light brown, dark brown, or black, and are round or semi-round, you should get looked at by our skin specialist in Orange County. Typically sun spots appear on your face, shoulders, or hands, but are not necessarily exclusive to those areas. Treatment options, which can range from creams up to laser therapy, will be discussed with you based on the severity of your spots or damage.

Any harm to your skin or changes to it should be addressed in a timely manner. Contact us now to arrange an appointment to come in and see our skin specialist in Orange County.

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