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Mohs Surgery in Orange County

Mohs Orange County
Mohs Orange County

Cancer—a terrifying word. One that is becoming a part of most people’s lives—sooner or later. Taking care of your skin goes a long way toward preventing serious illnesses like skin cancer. But if you’re already in the throes of it, don’t hesitate to reach out to Advanced Dermatology of San Clemente. There you can treat yourself to Mohs Orange County.

What in the world is Mohs? We’ll get to that. First let’s understand the origins of skin cancer. The skin, being a sensitive organism, is sensitive to heading off into areas with high ultra-violet exposure (beaches, open fields, etc.) which greatly increases the risk. If you’re going to go about that anyway, at least make sure to purchase a high SPF sunscreen to ward off most of the damage. But that’s just preventive What if you’re already in the throes of skin cancer? Well, that’s when Mohs surgery becomes necessary. In a nutshell, this procedure is highly-regarded for its ability to treat skin cancer by removing thin layers of skin (containing cancer). Removing each one progressively until cancer-free tissue is all that’s left. Not to worry. The procedure is so precise that only minimal damage occurs to any surrounding, healthy tissue. It’s best done for skin cancers which: are large or aggressive, hard-to-define borders, have a high risk of recurrence or that have recurred after previous treatment, or located in located near the ears, eyes, nose, hands, feet, and genitals. Reach out to Advanced Dermatology of San Clemente soon for Mohs Orange County.

That easy? Absolutely. With that said, go ahead and pick up the phone and shoot Advanced Dermatology of San Clemente’s office a call. Or, if you prefer, an e-mail gets the job done just as well. Our staff will help set up an appointment as soon as possible. Once that’s arranged, you’ll soon be visiting us for Mohs Orange County. Take a deep breath—you’re going to be just fine.

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