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Chemical Peels in Dana Point

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Dana Point skin care

Chemical peels in Dana Point
Chemical peels in Dana Point

Advanced Dermatology, Inc. specializes in all types of cosmetic skin care and rejuvenating procedures to help our patients look and feel their best. We offer chemical peels in Dana Point and other skin brightening procedures in a professional, safe and clean environment. We personalize your skincare regimen based on your needs and specific skin type.

Chemical peels damage the skin by creating a superficial wound within the skin, damaging it slightly. The skin’s natural healing process repairs the skin and improves the skin’s appearance. The extent of the damage depends on the type of chemicals applied. At Advanced Dermatology, Inc., our chemical peels in Dana Point are safe and effective. We use different chemical peels depending on the nature of the patient’s skin and problem that needs treating. Chemical peels are most effective on skin problems from chronic sun damage due to dangerous and damaging UV rays. The recovery process takes some time but once finished, leaves a soft and youthful appearance. Chemical peels apply solutions to your skin in and as your skin regenerates through the growth of cells, deeper layers of the epidermis and from undamaged hair follicles.

Chemical peels in Dana Point are sometimes used along with laser techniques and other processes to help diminish signs of acne scarring and sun damage. Each peel differs in the depth of the damage produced to the skin, known as superficial, medium and deep. Superficial peels do not go below the epidermis, which is the most superficial skin layer. Medium peels go below the superficial layer of the dermis which is a deeper layer. Deep peels go beneath the deeper layers of the dermis, however, the depth of damage depends on the type of chemical used and concentration of the peeling solution. Chemicals are left on for a specific amount of time and interact with the skin accordingly. At Advanced Dermatology, Inc. our dermatologists are all professional and dedicated to our patient’s appearance and well being. The results of chemical peels result in a healthier and more beautiful appearance, and vibrant youthful skin using the best in scientific methods.

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