Botox injections in Dana Point

Botox Injections in Dana Point

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The health and appearance of an individual’s skin says a great deal about the health of that individual overall. Proper skin care starts as early as infancy, and a pattern of poor care can snowball over time and lead to preventable, nagging illnesses. At Advanced Dermatology of San Clemente, our practice has devoted our lives’ work to the betterment of the body’s largest, and most precious organ, the skin. If you’re wondering where to get your Botox injections in Dana Point, look no further!

Who among us hasn’t had a bout, or two, or three, or ten, with aging skin? Wrinkles can result from a number of factors including poor hygiene habits, and too much time in the sun, but can also be a hereditary condition over which an individual has little or no control. Advanced Dermatology of San Clemente is here to help you take back the control you though you lost. From topical treatments like ointments, and creams, to stronger treatments like antibiotics, and even oral isotretinoin, our team offers it all, including the Botox injections in Dana Point you’ve been looking for.

Everyone enjoys the sun, whether on a beach, or a bicycle, a ballgame, or a boat, fun in the sun is a joy almost everyone can acknowledge. That fun, however, does not come without its fair share of consequences, which are a great deal more difficult for most to acknowledge. Chief among these is, obviously, skin cancer, melanoma, and plain-old wrinkles. At Advanced Dermatology of San Clemente, we’re no stranger to treating even the most serious cases of wrinkles and will attack your skin folds with a expertise that is unmatched in his field. From the most mild cases of acne, and skin discomfort, to more serious maladies like melanomas, to cosmetic procedures like Botox injections in Dana Point, don’t miss out on receiving the best treatment in town; come by our office today!

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